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If you feel like your life could and should be easier and you want to know how to be happier, less stressed and have your life flow more then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent the past 15 years helping people just like you to feel better and live a more fulfilled life.

About Aliona – London’s Russian Speaking Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert

My name is Aliona Lebed and I am a relationship specialist with vast experience in the field of conflict resolution, improving the dynamics of relationships and stress management. I am a leading trainer and consultant in relationships, family and parenting issues.

My personal experience of living in different countries and having been immersed in various cultures gives me a unique perspective which allows for working specifically with Russian speaking clientele in England, Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine.

I fully understand and sympathise with the cultural shock which our fellow countrymen will have undergone in the past, as well as the difficulties that my clients have faced in trying to adapt to the English & Swiss way of life.

My Outlook on Life

I’m a positive, energetic and balanced person. Despite the difficulties I have endured I’m enjoying my life, every aspect of it. I believe that every aspect of life should be filled with joy and euphoria… and I believe that you too can have a life like that.

Education Background and Professional Credentials

Traumatic Incident Reduction Specialist:

Traumatic Incident Reduction Specialist, accredited by TIRA, AMI, member of TIRA AMI – www.tir.org

MSc (Master of Science):

MSc (Master of Science) – Family and marriage division, specialising in family & marriage counseling – Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX, USA

Primary school teacher:

Primary school teacher – Kiev, Ukraine

Featured In:

The Times – Panel of Experts, Into the Abyss.
“Each week we show a DVD to the people who really know. Here, specialists in post-traumatic stress disorder assess Reign Over Me.” Aliona was invited to the Panel of Experts.

London newspapers:
– «Лондон Курьер» (London Courier Russian newspaper)
– «Лондон ИНФО» (London Info Newspaper) – Writer of weekly column “Cup of tea with Aliona”
– “From Russia with Love”, the first English-Russian magazine in the UK

The Right Steps for You

My educational background and more than 15 years of successful experience in this field guarantees that your initial free evaluation with me will be your first step in the right direction.

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