the right steps counselling

The right steps counselling

Frequently asked questions

In my practice, I consider each client an expert in their own life. You know better than anybody else “what, when and how” has happened in your life.

You know and remember how you felt and what decisions you have made.


For this reason I see myself as a guide in your life. We work together over your problems and you choose the right path and make the decisions that are right only for you.


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I am convinced that the session is not a place for criticism, evaluation and judgments. Each client is completely unique and individual. Accordingly I choose the most appropriate methods of work, which are individually suited to that client.


My task is to find the most effective methods and techniques so that we can resolve the issues together. While working with various techniques, you not only experience therapy, but you are also simultaneously introduced to new life-skills. As the session progresses, I keep you in the loop with regards to what we are doing, and with what purpose.


I have found that my clients are willing and want to understand what happens to them, and how the chosen methods are working. At my consultation there is no “right” or “wrong”, no shameful or insignificant reasoning. Here, you do not receive evaluations for your work. You feel it yourself, after the consultation.


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The duration of a consultation depends on the specific case and the individual.
Some clients clearly see the complexity of their problems, while others have more difficulty doing so, so the time needed for each client differs. 

The consultation ends when the client comes to a definitive decision, a realisation, an insight into how to go about solving their specific problems.

On average it may last from 50 minutes to 120 minutes ( 2 hours).

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Please book a free evaluation with me now and I will be happy to answer your questions personally.

Definitely yes. I say this with confidence for 2 reasons. First, it’s the major step towards resolving your issue and feeling happy again. Second, some of my clients had made huge decisions during 50 minutes session that turned their lives completely upside down. It was Amazing.

I will recommend 7 to 9 sessions to resolve most pressing and upsetting issue. Of course the number of sessions defines by complexity of your life story. I strongly believe that even one session is much better than none. It’s more satisfying to get one glass of water than zero. Isn’t it?