Very often stress issue is related to anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, fears and PTSD.​

Stress is our body’s response to pressure. Many different situations or life events can cause stress. It is often triggered when we experience something new or unexpected that threatens our sense of self or when we feel we have little control over a situation.

We all deal with stress differently. Our ability to cope can depend on our genetics, early life events, personality and social and economic circumstances.
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What People Say…

Denys and Maryna
“In difficult life situations trust your specialist and you’ll see how quickly your life will improve in different aspects!!!”
“I have nothing but praise for Aliona, she is extremely good and has really made a difference for me.”
I greatly appreciated her ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space where I could freely express my thoughts and emotions without fear of being misunderstood.

Throughout our therapeutic journey, I experienced remarkable progress under her guidance.

Thanks a lot dear Aliona!

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Ease your stress with me

In my stress counselling sessions, I offer a calm, supportive environment where I listen to your concerns, help you understand your stress triggers, and guide you through personalised techniques to manage and reduce your stress effectively.

Together, we'll work on strategies that fit your lifestyle and help you build resilience. My aim is to empower you to handle life’s pressures with more ease and confidence, fostering a happier, calmer you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress, don't hesitate to reach out. I’m here to support you through your journey towards a more peaceful life. My sessions are designed to provide not just immediate relief but also long-lasting tools for managing stress. Let me help you find your path to wellbeing. You deserve to feel better, and together, we can make that happen.

My stress relief approach

During our initial stress counselling session, I carefully evaluate your specific circumstances to identify the main sources of your stress. This understanding allows us to discuss these issues openly, setting a foundation for tailored support and ongoing improvement in your well-being.

Each session builds on the last, where I introduce practical tools that you can use daily. We'll focus on small, manageable changes that can make a big difference in reducing your stress levels gradually.

As we progress, I continuously adapt our sessions to better suit your evolving needs. This flexible approach ensures that each step we take is beneficial and relevant to you. My goal is for you to gain confidence in managing stress independently, enabling a more balanced and enjoyable life. Your feedback is vital in shaping this journey, ensuring it truly helps you.

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Let’s heal together. Start your journey today.

Who benefits from my help?

If you often feel anxious or overwhelmed, my stress counselling might be what you need. I specialise in helping people who struggle with daily pressures, whether at work, home, or in their personal relationships.

It’s also ideal for those facing big life changes or feeling stuck. My sessions can provide the necessary clarity and support needed to navigate these challenges with more confidence and less stress.

My sessions are also a great fit for anyone who wants to improve their ability to cope with stress before it becomes overwhelming. By learning effective stress management skills early, you can maintain your well-being and prevent stress from taking a toll on your life and health. Together, we'll work towards a more relaxed and controlled future.

Ready to resolve your stress?

Are you ready to tackle your stress issues? In my sessions, we'll explore underlying causes and practical solutions to reduce stress. I'm here to guide you towards a more serene and balanced lifestyle.

You'll learn to identify stressors and develop coping mechanisms that fit your life. My guidance is personalised, ensuring you gain skills that are both effective and sustainable for long-term relief.

If you're feeling ready for change, my stress counselling could be the step you need. Together, we'll build a toolkit of strategies that work specifically for you, helping you navigate daily stresses more calmly. Reach out when you're ready to begin this transformative journey towards a healthier, stress-reduced life.


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    I’m resolving relationship issues such as separation, divorce, affairs, difficulties in dating, sex, conflicts, arguing, communication, money, and infidelity.

    After over a decade of helping people with relationship and stress problems, I have identified some common mistakes almost everyone makes and some simple solutions that are universally helpful.
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