What if you could truly have the relationship of your dreams?

If your relationship is not a light in your life, a source of energy and inspiration, a place of comfort and peace then you can never find true balance and happiness. No matter where else you look, or how hard you look. Unless you focus on getting your relationship right, everything else will be less than it can be.
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What People Say…

Denys and Maryna
“In difficult life situations trust your specialist and you’ll see how quickly your life will improve in different aspects!!!”
“I have nothing but praise for Aliona, she is extremely good and has really made a difference for me.”
I greatly appreciated her ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space where I could freely express my thoughts and emotions without fear of being misunderstood.

Throughout our therapeutic journey, I experienced remarkable progress under her guidance.

Thanks a lot dear Aliona!

Does This Sound Like You:

Are you afraid to be honest with your partner?

Are you sometimes afraid to be honest with yourself?

Is your relationship not what it once was?

Do you feel a distance between you and your partner?

Do you worry that your relationship might be beyond repair?

Do you feel uncertain about your future?

Are there ‘no-go’ areas in your relationship – things that you can’t talk about with your partner for fear of them getting angry or upset?

Are cultural differences causing problems in your relationship?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of Those Questions Then You Are In The Right Place. Keep Reading

I am passionate about healthy, positive, exciting, uplifting, caring and loving relationships. When you are in a truly happy and fulfilling relationship, it has a profound effect on every aspect of your life. As if by magic, life flows easier. The sunshine is brighter, the air is fresh, colours seem more vibrant, people around you seem more caring, and smiles are genuine and open. The whole world seems to be a better place; almost EVERY thing goes your way.

Whether your relationship is hanging together by a thread, or it’s going ok but for some reason you sense that it could be better, my 20 years of working with couples and individuals tells me that YOU can turn it into a happy, fulfilling and empowering relationship. I am successfully resolving issues such as separation, divorce, dating, affairs, sex, conflicts, arguing, communication, money, emotional infidelity.

Over the past 20 years I’ve seen couples making the same common mistakes over and over again. If you haven’t already seen my video where I teach you “The 3 Most Common Relationship Mistakes and How To Avoid Them”, watch it now.

“The 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make in Their Relationship and How To Avoid Them”

Revive your bond with me

In my couple counselling sessions, I create a safe and supportive space for you and your partner to explore and mend your relationship. I help you understand each other's feelings and collaborate to build a stronger, lasting bond.

Through my guidance, you'll master effective communication and conflict resolution techniques, fostering a healthier, more fulfilling partnership with enduring mutual respect and deeper understanding.

My goal is to support you both in rediscovering the joy and love in your relationship. With my help, you can gain the tools needed to foster mutual respect and understanding, ensuring a positive, hopeful, and lasting future together. Remember, taking this step towards healing and growth is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Embark on your path to healing: Begin personal recovery now!

Let’s heal together. Start your journey today.

Building trust with guidance

My couple counselling sessions start with me listening to both of your stories, gaining insights into the unique challenges you face. I adopt a gentle approach, tailored to meet your specific needs, helping you progress at your own pace.

Each session builds on the last, focusing on practical strategies that promote emotional connectivity and trust. My role is to facilitate discussions that help clarify your thoughts and desires.

As we progress, I provide feedback and tools that are essential for ongoing improvement in your relationship. My sessions are designed to empower you, ensuring that you both feel heard and understood. This structured yet flexible approach helps lay a foundation for continued growth and happiness together.

Navigate love's challenges together

Are you ready to tackle your couple issues? With my supportive guidance, we can collaboratively work together to find effective, lasting solutions and significantly strengthen your relationship. Let's face these challenges head-on.

I offer a compassionate space where we can explore your feelings and identify patterns that may be hindering your connection. Together, we'll develop strategies to enhance your communication and intimacy.

By engaging in these sessions, you'll discover how to reconnect and rebuild your trust. I focus on helping you both cultivate patience and respect, vital for healing. Our journey together is about paving a new path towards happiness and resilience in your relationship, setting the stage for a renewed connection.


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    I’m resolving relationship issues such as separation, divorce, affairs, difficulties in dating, sex, conflicts, arguing, communication, money, and infidelity.

    After over a decade of helping people with relationship and stress problems, I have identified some common mistakes almost everyone makes and some simple solutions that are universally helpful.
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    My personal experience of living in different countries and having been immersed in various cultures gives me a unique perspective which allows for working specifically with Ukrainian and Russian speaking clientele in England, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and USA.
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