the right steps counselling

The right steps counselling


Your Late Teens and Early Twenties Aren’t Easy, Especially When You’re In a Different Country… But What If It Could Be Easy?

When you move to a different country for study there are so many unknowns and sudden changes, aren’t there?

You have to adjust to a new country and a new culture with a different language, a different way of life and a whole set of unknown social rules.

And that’s just adjusting to life! On top of all of this you might have the weight of your parents’ expectations about your academic performance. Or maybe you are the one who puts yourself under pressure to do well. Or perhaps the hardest part for you is being away from home, without your family and friends, and trying to find a group of friends who you can really be yourself with.

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed, lonely or even numb?

I have met and helped lots of people in a similar situation to you and I can tell you now, you can feel different, you can feel great and things can change. Working with lots of young people like you has allowed me to see what really works to make you feel happier. Click here to find out more about booking a free evaluation with me.

So What Can You Do To Cope?

Just like the seasons seamlessly flow from one to the next, so does your life change from one circumstance to the next.

For many young people changes sometimes create big problems and obstacles that you feel you can hardly cope with. Many seek solutions in alcohol, drugs, destructive relationships and ‘adventures’, eventually becoming dependent on them.

If this happens it transforms your life, and the lives of your loved ones, into sheer misery.

In order to change this situation you must:

  1. Realise what is going on with you. Why?
  2. Learn effective ways to resolve your real problem.

This can be difficult to do on your own, especially if you already feel isolated and overwhelmed. That’s why lots of young people come to talk to me.

.Are You Ready To Feel Happy, Content and At Home?

If you want to feel happy and content with your new life, book a free short evaluation with me now. We will talk on the phone about what you are struggling with and I will explain how I can help you. I have specialised education and 20 years experience of successful work with young people, and I have personal experience of moving to a new country and adapting to life in a new world.

Many people begin to feel better and more hopeful just by taking a small action like booking a free evaluation – this small step is your first in the right direction, so take control and book your evaluation now.

Book your short evaluation now.