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Did you know that stress is contagious?

Dear friends,

It is lovely weather outside with lilac and  roses blooming.  Spring is progessing to the beautiful English summer. The air is filled with flavours and aromas which we breathe in spontaneously. What a pleasure!

This is, however, not pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. Those who suffer from allergies, aren’t thrilled about the wonderful aromas in the air. For them it is a trial of suffering.  Holding one’s breath for a long time does not work.  Although going  out and breathing the wonderful air is a must, anything airborne is outside our control.

A good example of the problem is in the case of public transport.  Whilst travelling we have no choice but to absorb germs and contagious infections from the other passengers. Stress is distributed and transmitted to other people in exactly the same way – stress is contagious!

A person who is  stressed has tremendous power to transmit, share and infect loved ones and even strangers with their condition, ie by stress. A study from the Max Planck Institute for Congnitive and Brain Sciences and Technische Universitat Dresden found that even being around a stressed person – be it a loved one or a stranger – has the power to make someone stressed in a physically quantifiable way. “The fact that we could actually measure this empathic stress in a form of a significant hormone release was astonishing”, said Veronika Engert, one of the study’s authors.

In the case of a family unit, the efficiency of infection for stress and tension levels reaches 40%. Stress has a huge potential dominant.

Next time, before opening the door of your  home, think about WHAT you are about to share with loved ones, family and children.

Is it stress and tension?

Or perhaps it will be a “nice” infection such as a Smile and Laughter?

Best wishes,


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