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Do I have the Magic Wand?

What will make me happy? What will make me healthy? When did you ask yourself these 2 simple questions? When I ask my clients these questions, they often reply “hmm… I had never thought about it…” I don’t speak often during the sessions, I ask unusual questions and listen to the client’s answers instead. At […]

There is no such thing as a new normal grieving

It’s very hard, extremely hard to lose a loved person or family member. The emotional distress is absorbed and felt by every cell of the body. The pain is excruciating and real. The grief hurts so much for 2 reasons. The first obvious reason is the departure of a loved one. There is clothing, computers, […]

Did you know that stress is contagious?

Dear friends, It is lovely weather outside with lilac and  roses blooming.  Spring is progessing to the beautiful English summer. The air is filled with flavours and aromas which we breathe in spontaneously. What a pleasure! This is, however, not pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. Those who suffer from allergies, aren’t thrilled about the wonderful […]

How to build good relationship

Are there ideas, people, activities, bonds and things that weigh you down? Do you want to get rid of these burdens? “My husband doesn’t look my way; my boss thinks little of me; my son hates school; my daughter spends entire nights out; my mother called again to lecture me.” Familiar thoughts, aren’t they? Many […]