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Are You In The Right Place?

If you feel like your life could and should be easier and you want to know how to be happier, less stressed and have your life flow more then you have come to the right place. I have spent the past 20 years helping people just like you to feel better and live a more fulfilled life.


I am a relationship specialist with vast experience in the field of conflict resolution, improving the dynamics of relationships and stress management. I am a leading trainer and consultant in relationships, family and parenting issues.

My personal experience of living in different countries and having been immersed in various cultures gives me a unique perspective which allows for working specifically with Russian speaking clientele in England, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and USA.

I fully understand and sympathise with the cultural shock which our fellow countrymen will have undergone in the past, as well as the difficulties that my clients have faced in trying to adapt to the English and Swiss way of life.

As well as my private practice at Harley street I undertake various projects such as working with compensations solicitors and resolving trauma impact  for their clients. From time to time I work as a manager in elite private clinics in Switzerland and Europe. In addition to that I am inspired by  creative projects. The latest one was designing and successfully implementing  family games. The goal was to transfer heavy duty psychology knowledge into practical exercises and games for parents and their children. This project took place at one of the Russian school in London, UK.

For a number of years I have been involved in various projects with immigrant communities all over the UK.  I consult them on how to overcome cultural shock, adapt to an English way of living, how to release issues from the past and establish oneself in a new life. 

I have also developed a programme for the Erasmus scheme titled “Jobs for Youth” in Germany in 2016.

Some people are not accustomed to ask for help in their private matters, however one’s situation is fully resolved and improved with support of professional. I trully believe that each of us entitled to lead healthy and happy life, therefore there is no need to delays this state, reach out and without doubts you will be in a good professional hands.

Wishing you Love and Prosperity



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