To be Right or to be Happy?

by Aliona Lebed


Dear friends,

Would disputes & conflicts improve your relationship? Of course not – especially if one partner must win the dispute.  Not only win, but to achieve it a win at any price. In this case, a person just has to be “right” at any cost.  Naturally if one partner is “right”, then another must be “wrong.” Yeah, it turns out unfair and unjust. Except situations when “a woman is always right!” 🙂 This is a joke.

If your partner is always “right” during argument, then the result of any dispute is pre-edetermined.  One knows the end and who will be “right” , despite all the obvious facts.  According to statistics, 80% of disputes between spouses remain unresolved.

The question is: ” Why argue ? Why waste health, time and effort in vain? “

The person who is in agreement with himself, who respects his opinions and opinions of another person, would not argue.  They know in advance the consequences of the argument and finds other methods to convey their opinion and point of view to their partner.

Happy and wise people do not argue.
What is more important to you – to be right or to be happy?

Here is fun video for you :

I advise you to solve your  internal and external conflicts during session with a specialist, in the office or via Skype.  Do not waste precious time and risk your health in vain.


With best wishes,


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