What My Clients Say

Private Counselling Success for Russian Speakers in London - The Right Steps

I regularly receive thankful letters from my clients and I am grateful that they share their success and happiness with me.

I’d like to share some of those letters with you to show you that there are no hopeless situations in this life and I am here to help you to make the right steps in a new direction.

All information on this page is shared with my clients’ permission.

From depression and unemployment to a successful business

“Two years ago I came to Aliona in depression provoked by unsuccessful job search after graduation from university. I doubted all my skills and knowledge. Lack of confidence as a professional, years of loneliness in London and astatus of a single women brought in no benefit. Panic attacks and hormone disorders stirred up a desire of suicide.

Aliona offered me some tests techniques to identify my emotional state. It helped me to calm down and listen to myself. I like the way Aliona brought me to this inner dialogue.

Now after two years I came back to Aliona with the request of professional development as I started my own business. Communication with my clients and employees are my priorities nowadays. I feel happy and successful applying in my life those skills which Aliona taught me. Thank you so much!”

– Anna, an entrepreneur of 29 years old

From unnecessary old patterns to a new way of thinking and problem solving

“Many personal problems have been solved. The things that kept me down were uncovered and shared. Now they are all in the past and don’t stay on the way of the present and future. Now I see my problems with different eyes. I can control them and I know what to do.”

– Igor, a professional of 53 years old

A New Sense of Freedom and Inner Strength in the Face of Difficulties

“Dear Aliona,

Sorry that I suddenly interrupted our sessions. After coming back from holidays we faced some difficulties in business. Our employee tripped us up, plus my husband’s illness recurred, plus our absence during a month… As a result our business defaulted. But we are not depressed! ☺ We are looking for new ways and I am sure we will again stand on our own feet very soon.

Aliona, thank you so much for all that work you’ve done with me. Our sessions changed me, made me free and stronger inside. I can clearly see this in our current situation. Now my reactions to the situation are completely different and I have different methods of problems solving.

As soon as I solve my finance issues I will go on with our sessions. I look forward to meet you again.”

– Natalya, a wife, mother and businesswomen of 32 years old

From divorce and alcohol abuse to the inner strength and new start

“I came to Aliona in a deep depression after my divorce. I was stuck in alcohol and drug abuse, financial problems and thoughts about suicide. During the sessions we touched on things that had never occurred to me. We worked through each point. If I had done it alone, I wouldn’t have been able understand these ideas so thoroughly.”

– Anatoliy, a professional of 27 years old

From teenage conflicts to self acceptance and socialising

“Dear Aliona,

We wish you health, success, inspiration and many smiles from the happy clients whom you helped! Aleksey studies and copes with his difficulties himself. He is much better now and he is not concentrating on his problem any more. I can’t even estimate your contribution to our overcoming of this situation. Let the God bless you!”

– Tatyana, mum 36 year old and Aleksey, a teenager of 17 years old

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