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Aliona has experience and great success in helping people like you.

Stress Management & Relationship Counsellor

Stress Management & Relationship Counsellor

Aliona Lebed is a Family & Marriage Counsellor. She uses revolutionary techniques to resolve difficult issues and to manage stress in all areas of life. She has over 18 years experience, essential in helping people like you.

What My Clients Say

19/07/2015 by markla

Aliona is a blessing!

I met Aliona at a difficult time in my life when I truly needed someone I can speak to without any reservations. I was going through a divorce and had a hard and very stressful time reconciling my emotions and interacting with friends from my marriage years who stopped being supportive and understanding. Aliona is very non-judgmental, helpful, thoughtful, empathetic and easy to interact. She has a lot of experience and training in various fields and provides a true practical guidance that is extremely helpful and tailored to you as an individual. She takes time to listen, understand and to approach problems as challenges that can be overcome. She is a true blessing!

11/07/2015 by Helga33

An Excellent Counsellor

All my life I was looking for the man of my dreams. I had already created the image of my ideal man however each date would bring me heartaches and disappointment. Most of the men I dated were too far from my ideal image. The more I looked the less hope I had to find my man. My friend recommended calling Aliona Lebed. During a business trip to London I managed to book a first session with her. The first session was an amazing and eye opening experience. For the first time I was able to look at myself and my issue from a completely different perspective. We continued sessions via Skype because I live in a different country. Honestly I was a bit sceptical about Skype sessions at first. As a result of meeting and working with Aliona I can only say "Thank you very much Aliona." I met my man. I'm happy for the first time in my life, really. Girls and ladies, I highly recommend this psychotherapist, she will really help you.

06/07/2015 by dmitriy_sht6

Highly recommended!

For years I was struggling with an issue that was haunting my personal and business life. I wasn’t even interesting in addressing it for a while as I simply put it down to ‘who I am’, even though it was negatively impacting other aspects of my life. At some point I realised that perhaps there was an option to change the way I looked at it, but I wasn’t sure how. I found Aliona online, and booked an initial session. Within the first session I had unraveled so much about myself and the issue that haunted me - I was so surprised! We worked through it in subsequent sessions and now I feel light as a feather, unburdened by my previous affliction. I found Aliona’s methodology so effective, I simply can’t imagine it not working with other people. Highly recommended!

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