Stress. How to manage it in 3 easy steps?

by Aliona Lebed


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Dear friends,

It seems that many people recognise the symptoms of stress, however they struggle to manage it. Usually the people recognise that they feel stressed, can’t think easily and clearly anymore, and behave differently. Most likely they lost good sleep and their appetite. Their musceles are tense like guitar strings and they get headaches more often.
There are many reasons that lead to stress. I prefer to call them Life Stresses. Few of them are work, money problems issues, relationships, divorce, exams, childbirth, unemployment. Surely each person has his own unique situation and his own specific Life Stress.

As a practitioner I would like to concentrate today on
How to manage stress in 3 easy steps.

Watch this video.

Aliona Lebed
Stress Management Expert

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nikita April 11, 2015 at 9:42 am

Very nice


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