How not to get depressed this Christmas

by Aliona Lebed

December 2013Dear friends,

Celebrating Christmas and New Year – is the most fun and exciting time of the year. Unfortunately , this formula does not fit all of us. For many, December is the most difficult and frustrating month of the year. Many people particularly feel loneliness, failure, the loss of loved ones, the emotional and physical trauma of separation and downs. Pictures emerge spontaneously from the past, when the Christmas season was sincere and full of joy and happiness. We compare last year with this, the current situation with the past one and finally we compare ourselves in this festive situation with all the rest of the merry and joyful crowd. Within this contrast one feels an ” outsider ” and slips into depression. In this “wonderful and festive” season of the year 34 % of men and 44 % of women fall into depression. And the rest of the statistics I will not describe here as it’s not the point of my letter.

Now read carefully the best recipe for “How not to get depressed this Christmas ” :

  • Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a vertical line down the the middle.
  • Name the left column , “I Have ,” and the right column “I do not Have”.
  • Split the “I Have” column into two categories:
    • Intangible: 5 senses of perception (vision, hearing , voice) + mind + communication and social skills , etc.
    • Tangible/Material: from your wardrobe, to a kettle, to a paycheck and car.
  • Complete the “I Have” column for both intangible and material categories for the things that you have in your life.
  • Next complete the “I Do Not Have” column for the intangible and material aspects missing from your life.
  • Imagine that one item from the “I Have” list is gone. For example, you have lost your ability to speak (like the Little Mermaid from Disney’s cartoon) . Imagine then what would happen? And so on, until completion.

I’m sure the left column “I Have” will not remain empty. If you are reading this letter, then you Have at least:

  • computer
  • and (or) a modern mobile phone
  • and good vision . 🙂

How Not to Get Depressed at ChristmasAlso, it may help to recall the lyrics from an old song :

“If you do not have a home,
There will be no fire.

And your wife will not go to another
If you do not have a wife . “



  • Problems, worries, issues in our lives cannot be solved once and for all.
  • They come and go, return and intertwine.
  • Some concerns are replaced by others as the seasons come and go.
  • Everyone knows that everything must change.
  • And the Christmas season also does not last for 12 months.


Warm wishes ,

Aliona Lebed

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