Chi of Love

by Aliona Lebed


From my childhood I recall the dark winter evenings, my frost-bitten cheeks and how it becomes unusually quiet as snow slowly covers the ground. As I open up my palm, a wonderful tiny snowflake lands there. This little star from heaven, with its beautiful ideal symmetry, is a perfect miracle from above.

Mr Immoto, a Japanese scientist, investigated the influence of external factors on the molecular structure of water. His experiment studied 50 water droplets in -25C temperatures for three hours. One group of molecules was exposed to thoughts of gratitude, one to thoughts of love and a third control group was left alone. Micro cameras photographed the droplets of water before and after the experiment.

Guess what become of the water drops which were influenced by thoughts of Love? They turned into gorgeous crystals and perfect snowflakes.

Perhaps you know that 90% of our body consists of water. Therefore, each of us should pause to think:

“If thoughts can do this to water , what they can do to us ? “

I hope you like this video about the power of Love thoughts( start at 5:57 ):

Love is an amazing power. Project this power to every cell in your body. Be healthy and start loving yourself.


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