Goodbye sex

Sex rules our planet. More precisely, everything that happens on this planet is in one way or another connected with sex. Sex is the relationship between people, their actions and behaviors. Marketing, sales and business cycles can not do without sex. On top of that sex is a natural, organic and genuine anti-depressant. One could […]

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Stress. How to manage it in 3 easy steps?

  Dear friends, It seems that many people recognise the symptoms of stress, however they struggle to manage it. Usually the people recognise that they feel stressed, can’t think easily and clearly anymore, and behave differently. Most likely they lost good sleep and their appetite. Their musceles are tense like guitar strings and they get […]

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Did you know that stress is contagious?

  Dear friends, It is lovely weather outside with lilac and  roses blooming.  Spring is progessing to the beautiful English summer. The air is filled with flavours and aromas which we breathe in spontaneously. What a pleasure! This is, however, not pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. Those who suffer from allergies, aren’t thrilled about the […]

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To be Right or to be Happy?

Dear friends, Would disputes & conflicts improve your relationship? Of course not – especially if one partner must win the dispute.  Not only win, but to achieve it a win at any price. In this case, a person just has to be “right” at any cost.  Naturally if one partner is “right”, then another must […]

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Soft and Fluffy “NO”

Dear friends, For some people it is  much easier to agree with anyone on any subject instead of  forcing themselves to say “NO”.  They do not want to upset the other person, who is desperately trying to sell something that you do not even need.  After all, he tries so hard. They did not want […]

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How To build good relationships

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Are there ideas, people, activities, bonds and things that weigh you down? Do you want to get rid of these burdens? “My husband doesn’t look my way; my boss thinks little of me; my son hates school; my daughter spends entire nights out; my mother called again to lecture me.” Familiar thoughts, aren’t they? Many […]

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