Goodbye sex

Sex rules our planet. More precisely, everything that happens on this planet is in one way or another connected with sex. Sex is the relationship between people, their actions and behaviors. Marketing, sales and business cycles can not do without sex. On top of that sex is a natural, organic and genuine anti-depressant. One could […]

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Stress. How to manage it in 3 easy steps?

  Dear friends, It seems that many people recognise the symptoms of stress, however they struggle to manage it. Usually the people recognise that they feel stressed, can’t think easily and clearly anymore, and behave differently. Most likely they lost good sleep and their appetite. Their musceles are tense like guitar strings and they get […]

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How not to get depressed this Christmas

Dear friends, Celebrating Christmas and New Year – is the most fun and exciting time of the year. Unfortunately , this formula does not fit all of us. For many, December is the most difficult and frustrating month of the year. Many people particularly feel loneliness, failure, the loss of loved ones, the emotional and […]

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